Archives for ~Demetris Karayiannis

Fri 08 October 2021
[Article] Assignment of Grammatical Gender in Heritage Greek
Sat 18 July 2020
[FYI] CfP International Cyprus Undergraduate Linguistics Conference 2020
Sat 20 April 2019
Presenting on Cypriot Greek Aphasia at PNCLR
Mon 04 March 2019
CAT presentation
Fri 01 March 2019
Pelican workshop at UCLan Cyprus
Fri 09 February 2018
First release for my Cypriot Greek keyboard
Sat 04 November 2017
Τα /ɾiˈaʝːa/, /ɾiˈaʎːa/? Aspects of Yeísmo in Cyprus
Fri 03 November 2017
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