My preferred mode of communication is email. You can email the user

GPG Public Key

I encourage you to use GPG/OpenPGP email encryption. The Free Software Foundation has a walkthrough to help you get started.

My GPG fingerprint is 5A75 5D92 6FC5 EC5E 57C8 F098 EDE9 F17B C29F 08D3 (expires: 2021-02-17).

Click here to download my public key

Previous key: 4C93 34FA 925F DBC2 B12F DE7D D2A8 B8CB D5F4 1DD1 (expired: 2018-01-25).

XMPP/Jabber Instant Messaging

I am reachable over XMPP, the federated chat network. My XMPP address is the same as my email account:

If you are not already on XMPP, I maintain a list of instructions on how to get started at Because XMPP is federated, in the same way email is, we do not have to have accounts on the same server, nor use the same application.