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  1. [Article] Assignment of Grammatical Gender in Heritage Greek

    I am very pleased to announce that Assignment of Grammatical Gender in Heritage Greek is now available on Frontiers in Psychology — Language Sciences.

    This study investigates the acquisition of grammatical gender in Heritage Greek as acquired by children (6–8 years of age) and adolescents (15–18 years) growing up in Adelaide, South Australia. The determiner elicitation task from Varlokosta (2005) was employed to assess the role of morphological and semantic cues when it comes to gender assignment for real and novel nouns. Ralli’s (1994) inflectional classes for Greek nouns and Anastasiadi-Symeonidi and Cheila-Markopoulou’s (2003) categories of prototypicality …

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  2. [FYI] CfP International Cyprus Undergraduate Linguistics Conference 2020

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    The Cyprus Undergraduate Linguistics Conference wishes to promote undergraduate research and to facilitate communication and discussion between researchers at all levels of undergraduate research throughout the linguistic community. Even during the Covid-19 conditions, our goal is to continue the iCULC tradition, by adding a third chapter. The 3rd International Cyprus Undergraduate Linguistics Conference (I-CULC3) will take place at the University of Cyprus on Saturday, November 28 to Sunday November 29, 2020 (Saturday may not include presentations, but we will have a welcome session, registration, and an evening social event.)

    Keynote Speakers: - Andrew Nevins (University College London) - Svetlana Karpava …

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  3. Presenting on Cypriot Greek Aphasia at PNCLR

    On the 20th of April 2019, I will presenting our (Karayiannis, Georgiou, Grohmann & Kambanaros) work at the 7th Novi Sad workshop on Psycholinguistic, neurolinguistic and clinical linguistic research. The book of abstracts is here, and I am reproducing our abstract below:

    Linguistic Impairment Profiles in Four Post-Stroke Aphasia Case Studies: Exploring the Role of Dialectal Micro-Variation

    Demetris Karayiannis1, Anastasios M. Georgiou2, Kleanthes K. Grohmann1 & Maria Kambanaros2

    Four Cypriot Greek-speaking patients with chronic post-stroke aphasia (3 fluent and 1 non-fluent) were enrolled in a study investigating the efficacy of Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) for chronic aphasia post-stroke …

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  4. CAT presentation

    On the 10th of April 2019, I will presenting aspects of my thesis project at the Cyprus Acquisition Team weekly meeting. Working title: Language Loss in Cypriot Greek-speaking Adults with Neurogenic Disorders. Thanks to CAT for the invitation!

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